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We Respect Your Privacy

Cavendish Game Birds does not sell, rent, loan or otherwise provide 3rd parties with any information provided to us by any means.

Our online store checkout area is housed on a separate secure encrypted server and all information provided there is not viewable by anyone outside of our order fulfillment system.  Secure information is just that - and subject to the same privacy policy as this web site.

You will not be included in any present or future newsletter or similar information service unless you specifically request it.

Our web site is fed from a high-quality UNIX server running the Apache server software, and as such, web logs are automatically generated which records general data concerning domains which connect to our server.  None of the information collected in the logs contains any personally identifiable material such as email addresses and the like.  Our webmaster regularly deletes all logs from the server.

This site does not use cookies.  If you have any further questions regarding our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 800-772-0928 or by EMAIL

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