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Vermont Farm-Raised Jumbo Quail 

Knowing that discerning chefs are not satisfied with the size of most commercially raised quail, Cavendish Game Birds spent years selectively breeding Coturnix quail to develop a meatier bird—up to 25% larger than commercial quail.

These jumbo quail are more substantial in size and have a well-developed finish—streaks of fat under the skin that help maintain flavor and keep the birds moist and tender while cooking.

They are Outstanding and served in many of this countries' Finest, 4 Star restaurants.

Originally from Asia, these quail produce a light meat with a well-rounded, slightly sweet flavor, making them a very versatile choice for chefs.

This delicate meat pairs well with an abundance of flavors to complement most menus. It can be prepared in many ways using traditional or creative cooking methods.

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