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  Cavendish Game Birds’ Quail Products 
Individual quail are carefully prepared by hand
by a team of experienced food processors.

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Oven-Ready Semi-Boneless
Vermont Stuffed Quail
STFQU004        1 each  8oz.                 $6.50
STFQU004cs    6 each  8oz. each       $36.00
                      SAVE $3.00 and buy 6

Our New Oven Ready Semi-Boneless Vermont Stuffed Quail is stuffed with a savory stuffing and topped with a Vermont Smoked Maple Butter sauce.  Truly a crowd pleaser.  Each bird comes in its own aluminum tray for cooking.  Easy to follow cooking instructions printed on each label.   Enjoy!

Semi-Boneless Quail

Semi-Boneless Quail

QU004          6 per pack – 5 oz. each     $26.00
QURT04       Retail Pack   2 per pack     $ 8.90

All of the bones in Cavendish Game Birds’ semi-boneless quail have been removed except for the wing and lower leg. Sleeve or glove boning the bird leaves the skin intact, making it perfect for stuffing—from a traditional bread stuffing to foie gras and truffles.  This product is excellent for grilling and sautéing.

Butterfly Quail

Butterfly Quail

QU002       6 per pack – 5 oz. each     $26.00
QURT02      Retail Pack –2 per pack    $ 8.90

The back, ribs, and keel bones are removed from our butterfly quail, with the wing, leg, and thigh bones left intact, leaving the back of the breast exposed. An ideal cut for both grill and sauté presentations, with substantial plate coverage and a quicker cooking time than the semi-boneless quail.

Whole Quail

Whole Jumbo Quail

QU003    6 per pack – 6.5 oz. to 7oz. each $24.00
QURT03  Retail Pack 2 per pack             $8.20

Cavendish Game Birds’ whole quail are plump enough to be less intimidating when approached by a knife and fork!  They can be served with or without stuffings or carved off the bone. These larger, whole birds are perfect for chefs who like to do their own meat fabrication. Most meats taste and cook the best when left on the bone—Cavendish Game Birds’ quail are no exception. 

Boneless Quail Breast With First Wing Joint Only

Boneless Quail Breast
 with First Wing Joint Only

QU005       6 per pack – 3.25 oz. each       $24.00
(double boneless airline breast)  

The same breast as the butterfly quail, only the “v” joint on the wing is removed, as are the leg and thigh bones. A great grill or sauté item, the boneless quail breast is also perfect for special occasions. It cooks fast, presents beautifully on the plate, and is knife- and-fork ready.  

Whole Quail Legs

Whole Quail Legs
QU006       20 per lb. – 1 lb. pack        $14.00
                   (about .75 oz. each)

The whole quail leg (drum and thigh) can be prepared like chicken wings, and served with dipping sauces, for an interesting bar or appetizer item.

They can also be used in a more sophisticated presentation.

Boneless Quail Breast Meat

Boneless Quail Breast
QU007   8 breasts per lb. – 1 lb. pack   $19.00
(about 2.5 oz each)        

Completely boneless, this boneless breast is ideal for grilled quail salads, stir fries, or sliders. Also great sautéed or grilled.



Quail Eggs

In Stock

QU008            15 per flat          $6.50

These unique and colorful eggs make an excellent garnish and have many other creative uses.

To peel, soak hard-boiled quail eggs in white vinegar for an hour or so to dissolve the shell, leaving only the soft membrane to remove.

Quail bones make excellent stock!

Quail Bones

QUBONES        20 lb. box         $30

QUBONES05      5 lb. box         $8.50

Roasted quail bones make splendid stocks for sauces, as well as delicious consommés.

Cavendish Game Birds’ Pheasant Products

NOTE:  All listed pheasant products are currently in stock.

Vermont farm-raised pheasant breast meat is white, while the legs and thighs are dark, similar to turkey. While many producers now raise a white hybrid pheasant for the food industry, Cavendish Game Birds feels that the ring-necked pheasant is a superior choice offering a more traditional mild game flavor.

Whole Pheasant Roosters and Hens

Whole Pheasant Rooster

PH025          3 lb. average      $28 each

Whole Pheasant Hen

PH002       2 lb. average     $24 each

Cavendish Game Birds’ whole pheasant are perfect for roasting or braising.  

Boneless Airline Pheasant Breast

Boneless Airline Pheasant Breast

PHB08         2 per pack – 8 oz. each        $30

The boneless airline breast is excellent for grilling, sautéing, and baking.

Boneless Pheasant Thighs

Boneless Pheasant Thighs

PHT01                    2 lbs.            $12

Pheasant legs and thighs make a great confit.

20 lb. box of Pheasant Bones for making savory stock

Pheasant Bones

PHBONES             20 lb. box              $30

PHBONES05          5 lb. box               $8.50

The bones are perfect for making stock.


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